Coffee & Cocktail Stirrer


Length 140mm / 190mm
Weight 0.4g / 0.55g
Inner Diameter 2mm
Colour White, custom colour available
Material Virgin paper with a water-based coating
Recyclability With any paper products
Compostability Industrial compostable
Pest-Free Yes
Sea Freight Safety Yes
No Food As Raw Material Yes
Shelf Life 2 Years

Our innovative paper stirrer straw is the first of its kind on the market. The stirrer straw is an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden stirrer for your coffee. Not only is it made with fewer materials, but it also allows the user to enjoy the first sip of their coffee without getting their tongue burned. The stirrer straw can also be used as a cocktail straw. Its unique and elegant design can offer a delightful experience for your beverage.


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