Canada’s Zero Plastic Waste 2030 Mandate

Canada’s Zero Plastic Waste 2030 Mandate
With the rapid approach of a federal ban of single-use plastic products introduced by the Canadian Environmental Act, businesses are scrambling in search of the perfect solution that promotes eco-friendliness and sustainability, while meeting the guidelines of the new legislation. The upcoming plastic ban includes items such as plastic bags, cutlery, hard to recycle food packaging, stir sticks, beverage rings, and most importantly, straws.   In Canada alone, over fifty-seven million straws are used daily and discarded daily. As the landfills continue to increase in size and the environment becomes littered with plastic waste, there is a growing need for green alternatives to plastic. Yet, there are a limited number of choices of high quality green alternatives, which is why KAC and Soilable&reg straws were created as a solution.

Our mission

KAC distributes Soilable Paper Straws, which uses compostable material and non-wood paper that can not only be disposed of without harming the environment, but can also promote greater sustainability in the food industry. This progressive product advances the goal of environmental friendliness, helps reduce plastic pollution, and aids in improving, not reversing environmental damage.

We are different

Outstanding Longevity – Traditional paper straws in the market are often poor in quality. Each straw can last about two minutes of use on average before losing its form. Soilable Paper Straws are not only glueless but can withstand over three hours of use in both hot and cold drinks.

What goes into a Soilable Straw

Environmental Sustainability – Unlike common paper straws—which are non-recyclable—Soilable Paper Straws can be effectively recycled to other paper products to achieve true zero waste. Soilable Paper Straws are 100% biodegradable, and use 20-30% less paper compared to common paper straws.

Soilable paper straws are currently accepted by Mil Mill, Hong Kong’s first carton recycling mill, to be converted into other paper products.

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Market Sustainability – Soilable Paper Straws can help businesses retain customers and also expand their current consumer base by attaching a green and eco-friendly image to the businesses’ branding. For marketing opportunities and options, Soilable Paper Straws supports digital printing, offering our partners the ability to print advertisements and promotional information on the straws. KAC aligns businesses’ marketing goals with their environmental aims, creating a sustainable brand image and helping both the businesses and their customers transition smoothly to a green alternative.

Update: Apr, 2022